Energy Efficient and Green Ways to Heat and Cool Your Home

Programmable Thermostate

You need heating and air conditioning to stay comfortable in your home in the winter and summer. If you’re like most people, you pretty much need them throughout the year if you don’t want to walk around shivering or sweating all the time. However, you also know that limiting your use of both heating and air conditioning and making sure you use them efficiently is important for environmental health. Limiting your use of heat and air can also save you some serious money on your bills. Use this guide to help you heat and cool your home efficiently so you can reduce your impact on the environment and the size …

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Bolt the Disadvantages of Poor Indoor Air with This ‘Eggcellent Deal’

Eggcelent Deal on Air Cleaner

Avail an excellent deal from Specialty Air to give your Air Conditioner a new efficiency and facelift. Spring is right here and it’s the right time to get your AC repaired for the summer, so go for this ‘Eggcellent Deal’ and get a dynamic air cleaner at just $391 with no AC repair installation charge. We at Specialty Air believe in first-rate air quality, hence by installing this dynamic electronic air cleaner you are sure to get fresh, healthy and allergen free air. It simply improves the quality of air you get from your AC by removing dust, odors, sub-micron particles, airborne pathogens and volatile organic compounds. It totally destroys …

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4 Tips to Control Office Humidity Using Commercial ACs

Regular Cleaning of Your Air Conditioners

When it comes to commercial heating and cooling, there are plenty of ways to cut down on expenses if you know what you are doing. While you might be tempted to buy a couple of dehumidifiers, one of the easiest ways is to use the AC system to help dry the air in your office. You might also think to keep the cooling system constantly running to reduce humidity; however it is far too costly. By making a few simple changes to the configuration or your approach, you can reduce humidity without incurring huge electric bills for the office or for purchase of new equipment. Ensure that the air is …

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4 DIY Tips to Tune Up Your AC for the Summer

Tune Up Your AC for the Summer

With summers approaching and soaring temperatures, this is the time of the year we really think about our central air-conditioning system. There are many DIY ways to tune it up and get it to top form for summer. Inspect the Condensate-Removal System Condensation occurs when warm air passes through the cooling coil. Air-conditioning systems have many ways of handling this. It depends on the location of the blower unit as the moisture may collect either in a pan under the blower unit or may go into a gravity-fed drain. There could be a mini pump to direct the water to a drain, but if the unit is placed in the …

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Grab the Gold Deal to Tune-Up Your AC Furnace

Repair your Heating Furnace

Are you looking for gold? Then avail this exclusive offer from Specialty Air to save some gold. Specialty Air has come up with an amazing offer, which is as good as gold. Get your AC furnace tune up only at $69 with Specialty Air. Keep your air conditioning system maintained for a prolonging life. The tune up of the AC furnace will give you optimal home comfort. It will also improve the efficiency of your heating system. So avail this offer at only $69 for fall tune-ups. Specialty Air Inc. Offers Deal as Good as Gold! Winters has come to an end. Hence, it’s time to tune up your

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Specialty Air Inc. Now Offers An Exclusive Club Membership to You!

Specialty Air - Membership

Going for the exclusive Club Membership from Specialty Air Inc. makes a lot of sense given that regular servicing of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars in the long run in terms of energy costs and repair apart from extending the life of your system, which in effect makes your membership pay for itself. You will also be getting discounts on all repairs including parts and labor. There are no overtime charges. Having a club membership automatically confers a priority customer tag to you, guaranteeing you of an appointment within 24 hours. There are several other benefits that come with this membership plan: you can avail of a …

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Why to Vouch for NATE Certified Technician Serving You

NATE Technicians

One of the best ways to make sure you heating and air conditioning is in top shape is to get advice from people who have proof they have studied the HVAC industry. Certified NATE technicians are the most reliable at checking and repairing HVAC systems, saving you time and money. Here are some key benefits to hiring a NATE certified heating and air conditioning repair technician. Professional Experience Instead of guessing how well someone can fix your HVAC system, it’s best to hire someone with academic qualifications, which can be confirmed with a NATE certification. It’s a way of making sure the work is done right the first time. Such …

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How to Know the Difference Between Tune-Ups and Repairs?

Air Conditioning Repair

Most people use the terms tune-up and maintenance interchangeably – but they are not the same thing, especially when it comes to your AC unit. The concepts are not the same for your AC as they are for a car. Tune-ups If you hire an expert to give your AC unit a tune up, that expert is going to be giving the unit a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in working condition. The point of the tune-up is to make sure there is nothing broken or wrong with your AC. You cannot tell by looking at an AC unit that a part is no longer functioning as it …

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7 Valuable Safety Tips You Need to Know About Room Heaters

Heating System Installation

Room heaters are a popular idea to cut energy costs in the winter. Even though modern heaters are much safer than the ones before, it’s best to make sure they are not carelessly used because heat can still cause some damage. These 7 heating system installation tips can help you use room heaters in the safest way possible: Keep all combustible materials such as paper, blankets, and furniture at least two feet away from the heater. Do not let pets or children get near the heating device since it can shock or burn them. Before using a room heater, inspect it to make sure that it is clean and in …

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5 Unique and Fun Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special

V. Day Magic

To really make this day special for your kids, why not try something different beyond the Valentine’s Day cards or candy? There are all sorts of ways to make the day special, but here are 5 unique and fun ideas just for Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Wreath This is a great idea to bring a smile to your child’s face. Create a wreath of post-it notes in the shape of a heart that tells them how much you care about them and all of the things that make them a great person. They can wake up to a surprise on Valentine’s Day! The Valentine’s Day Breakfast While the kids are …

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