What You Need to Know About Cleaning Air Ducts and Vents

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air vents and ducts are important to your home heating and cooling system because they distribute temperature-controlled air throughout your home. It’s important for homeowners to have air ducts checked periodically to clean out dirt that builds up. Dirty vents can strain your HVAC system and can create issues with indoor air quality, which can affect health. Homeowners should be aware of the following items and how a heating and air conditioning service can help: Checking and Cleaning Vents Make sure vents are not being blocked in any way. This can affect how the HVAC system works. You can reduce heating and cooling in a room by gently closing the …

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5 Things You Must Know About Wintertime Indoor Air Quality

Maintain Air Qulaity

Although you may focus heavily on indoor air quality during the spring and summer months, especially if you suffer from allergies; it’s worth thinking about the air you breathe at home during colder weather when you don’t have the luxury of throwing the windows wide open and letting in some fresh air. It’s worth sparing it some thought, as some factors affecting air quality can be detrimental to your health. Consider these 5 things to ensure your family enjoys germ-free indoor air quality in wintertime: Allergens Don’t Have to Be Pollen If pets are shut in, build ups of pet hair can cause irritation where you have previously had no …

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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Controlled Humidity

HVAC is usually not treated as a glamorous or compelling topic in the media or among social circles. Yet there are some fun facts about air conditioner services that can generate interest. Have a look over these top 10 interesting facts about your air conditioner: The First Air Conditioner Controlled Humidity Willis Carrier designed the first air conditioner in 1902 to control humidity for a New York publisher. It helped ink dry faster, prevented smudges, and kept paper size consistent. Movie Makers Helped Usher In AC Thanks to air conditioned movie theaters, movie makers began marketing their biggest films in summertime, which created an escape from hot households. AC Helped …

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How Air Filters Helps to Improve the Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Check

Although we’re aware of how outdoor air quality can exacerbate breathing problems and allergies, we tend to pay less attention to air quality check in our homes. Bacteria, mold spores, even common viruses that make us sick circulate in the air in our homes, and can contribute to that “under the weather” feeling that many of us experience on a regular basis. Although regular cleaning and good ventilation will help improve the air quality in your home, checking your HVAC air filters on a regular basis, and particularly replacing them when they’re opaque, will be your best course of action to improve the air quality in your home. How to …

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5 Home Energy Saving Tips for a Fresh New Year

Home Energy Saving

weather in summer and frigid season in the winter can bring unexpected rises in energy usage. You should develop a strategy in the New Year to save energy in your home for consistent savings and predictable energy usage in the fresh year. Here are 5 home energy saving tips you should consider for a fresh New Year: Give your heating and cooling systems a scheduled maintenance checkup once every year. Usually this will help avoid maintenance for any unknown damage, buildup of dust, dirt, or malfunctions. Replacing your air filter at least every three months increases energy efficiency. Air filters filled with dirt and dust makes your heating and cooling …

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How to Stay Alert of Air Conditioning Scams This Christmas

Air Conditioning Scams

A dry, warm climate in some places makes it necessary to run an air conditioner even during Christmas. It helps maintain comfortable indoor temperature and also keeps your Christmas tree fresh and green for a longer period. But if your air conditioner decides to stop working or doesn’t cool your home adequately, you will inevitably turn to an AC service company. Unfortunately, this also opens you to scams that may cause you to dig deep into your pockets and pay for unnecessary repairs and spare parts. Scams not only cause you to spend money like water, they also waste your time. Many air conditioning service companies want to sell naïve …

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Your Complete Handy Guide on GFCI Plugs and Repairs

Repair GFCI Plugs

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI, outlets offer protection from accidental shock. This can occur as a result of water mixing with electricity. Indeed, these outlets are a boon in ensuring the safe use of electricity. These devices are installed in places where there is a tendency for water and electricity to mix. Susceptible areas include bathrooms, kitchens, patios, swimming pools and utility closets. How Does GFCI Plugs Work? GFCI devices can save your life as they guard you from accidental electrocution. The way it works is the GFCI records the flow of electricity drawn through the outlet. When it spots a sudden fluctuation in this electrical load, GFCI immediately …

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Why You Should Maintain the Air Conditioner During Winter

AC System Inspection

You rely heavily on your air conditioner to beat the summer heat. However, most air conditioners are switched off in households at the onset of winter. Today, air conditioners are considered to be an indispensable electronic gadget, and ostensibly an overused one. Have you maintained your air conditioner to keep it in top form? Research shows that most people do not think about air conditioner maintenance. It is only during a crisis situation when the AC unit malfunctions and an enormous amount of money is spent in repair, or in the worst case replacing the equipment with a new one. It makes better economic sense to ensure regular maintenance of …

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10 Incredible Tips to Save on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can mean the difference between breaking the bank and providing the perfect holiday gifts. The following 10 tips outline some important reminders when braving the rush during these popular holiday deal days: Just because it’s a good deal, does not mean that you need to buy it. Focus on your gift-giving goals and stick to the lists. Develop a list of big ticket items. Knowing what you are looking for will decrease the likelihood of over spending. Do not pump yourself up for the deals. Cyber Monday, especially, allows you to avoid the mass chaos of Black Friday and the associated crowds. Black Friday …

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Innovative Tips to Renovate Your Home for Thanksgiving

Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

Thanksgiving Day is a day for gratitude and being grateful for all the things you have in life, small and big. It is not just about sharing a sumptuous meal with family and friends. But can you enjoy this special day of celebration if you feel your home needs a quick makeover? Thankfully, you don’t have to get into any expensive and time consuming renovation when you can use arts and crafts to renovate your home. Pumpkins from Paper Bags This is a simple and yet wonderful craft that can make your home ready for Thanksgiving Day. You can even involve your kids in this craft. Procedure: Place the bag …

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