10 Ways to Stop Asthma Attacks

Although asthma is a life-long condition, there are many steps you can take to limit the number of attacks you may suffer, and to avoid severe episodes altogether. Although you are no doubt doing most of these common-sense things already, there may be one or two left-field things you were not aware of that could be affecting your asthma, even neglecting air conditioning cleaning. Here are the 10 ways to stop asthma attacks.

Use your meds.
Prevention is always better than cure, so do not miss on your medicines and take them regularly as prescribed by the doctor.

Stay calm and learn to breathe.
If you do feel an attack coming on, concentrate on slow breathing, and focus on the attack ending. Many people who use their voices for a living, such as singers or actors, find that breathing techniques used for work help their asthma. Singing lessons may help you manage your condition.

Avoid trigger.
Certain foods, dust, and even some strong fragrances are notorious for triggering asthma attacks. Although you can’t avoid everything, you can manage your own environment.

Get on top of other allergies.
Hay fever and pet allergies can make asthma worse. Change cage animal bedding at least twice a week and brush cats and dogs regularly.

Clean your house (but not too vigorously).
Although it’s advisable to vacuum and dust regularly, household cleaning products can cause issues. Good old fashioned white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are your friends.

Use man-made duvets and pillows.
They provide allergy relief and are an effective barrier against dust mite.

Keep an eye on the weather.
If changes in the weather cause problems for you, have your coping strategies in place well in advance.

Change your exercise regime.
Swimming and golf are better for asthma sufferers than running.

Get your AC serviced.
Air conditioning cleaning will probably help you more than everything else put together. Dust mites, mold and other severe allergens get collected on the filters and ducts, the moment AC is switched on, these irritants blow into your home giving you a bad air to breathe.Dirty AC equipment isn’t healthy for anyone! So a regular cleaning and service of air conditioner is very much important to avoid Asthma attacks.

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