Low Refrigerant: A Common Cause of A/C Breakdown

Refrigerant is the chemical that used in air conditioning units to bring cool air into your home atmosphere and push warm air out. The refrigerant cycles through your unit in a closed loop, but if there is a leak in the cooling coils that contain the refrigerant, your air conditioner unit will lose its charge, or its ability to cool the air in your home.

This can be quite common, especially in very warm areas of the country during the summer. With normal wear and tear for a full season, refrigerant leakage contributes to air conditioners breaking down all over the country.

If your unit loses its refrigerant, the air conditioner will still cool the air, but the coils inside the unit will get too cold and freeze. When this happens, it will be unable to dissipate heat in your system, effectively making the unit unusable.

Only home air conditioning professionals should attempt to fix this problem. Although most modern air conditioning units now use a safe refrigerant chemical, R-410A instead of ammonia or other hazardous chemicals that were previously used.

However, a professional can use sealant in the proper manner to fix the leak and get your air conditioner ready to cool your air once again. It is also very difficult to find the leak in the first place, so let the professionals use their own methods to find the leak and fix it. Call your local heating a cooling specialist to make sure your air conditioner is working properly and efficiently to save you some grief and money later in the hot season.

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