Top 5 Repairs Required for Heating Systems in California

In California, you hardly bother with your heater since the climate is warm and you probably do not need extra heat. Therefore, it is likely that your heating system has developed cumulative repair needs. Here is a list of the top 5 repair needs required for heating systems in California:

  • Duct breaks- Heating System RepairsYour furnace or heat pump uses ducts to circulated warm air in your house. As time goes by, the ducts get clogged with gunk and can sometimes have corrosion. You now begin to experience regular breaks and kinks. These mechanical problems result in loss of pressure and consequently reduced heat. Seek some professional help and have the problem fixed.

  • Pilot light problems- A pilot light is a key part in furnaces and boilers that use gas. Without the pilot light being turned on, the burners cannot get started. If you are having trouble getting your pilot light ignited contact a professional. Since it does have to do with gas it is best for safety reasons to have someone trained in that field address the problem.

  • Thermostat malfunctions- Your heating system is regulated by thermostats as a safety precaution. Therefore, you need to regularly check their condition. If you do not get the expected heat comfort in your home, then the thermostat needs some repair. Have it checked by experts and repaired or replaced.

  • Blocked vent- The byproducts of your heating system are likely to cause a blockage at the vent if it goes unchecked for a long time. Once the vent is blocked, no heat will be produced by your system. Call the professional and have the vent repaired.

  • Faulty wiring- It is possible for your heating system to go off in the middle of a cold night. The problem may be an error with your wiring. If your heating unit shuts off periodically without being manually turned off have the wiring looked at by a trained professional.

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